Welcome to Bethesda's web site. 

Welcome to Bethesda Lutheran Church! As you look at our web site you will encounter many people of faith and opportunities at Bethesda to live the Christian faith. We are a vibrant and growing faith community in which people of all ages are supported and encouraged in their faith journey. But don't stop at the website! Check us out! Come for worship, or a learning opportunity, and/or other events. Come with a friend or family member or on your own - but come. You will immediately find warm and inviting people who don't profess to have all the answers to questions of faith but people who know that Jesus Christ is present in their lives. Remember, no halos are required! Come as you are and leave changed through an encounter with the overwhelming love and grace of Jesus Christ. May God bless you wherever you are in life.

Pastor Elaine Hower                               


Prayer of the Week


God, we are grateful that you know the condition of our hearts and the worries of our mind.  Help us to know that Your love and grace are for us all. Amen

Trusting in God's love and grace,
the people of Bethesda Evangelical Lutheran Church are committed to being a caring community proclaiming God's Word by actively sharing His love with all people.




 Holy Week Worship Services: 

Maundy Thursday 7pm

Good Friday 7pm

10am Sunday Morning 





ClothesHangers (the clever name given to those who help sort and hang clothing for the ClothesLine) will meet in the parsonage basement, access through the garage.  If you can help on the day of the sale please all Melissa at: 412-608-0897

Mondays at 6:30pm

Thursday at 9:30am


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