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March 2018

Dears Friends,
As I write this the sun is shining, the air is warmer, and birds are singing! I know, winter isn't totally over but it is wonderful to have an early taste of spring. Plus, Easter is only a few weeks away -always a sure sign of spring.
Not only does the weather remind us but the church calendar brings us closer to Holy Week and our celebration of Easter as people of the cross and the empty tomb. April 1, Easter Sunday, is the focal point of our faith leap into the light rather than the dark. Easter is not merely believing what seems to be impossible - new life in Jesus Christ - but LIVING the new life He calls us to embrace.
May your heart and mind be filled with the power and love of God's gift of resurrection life.
Still in one peace,
Pastor Elaine and Dr. Bob, John and Ben, Molly, Ryan,
Michael and Melissa, Gabriel, James, Michael, Sophia
Bob and Rebecca, Jacob, Jackson