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Dear Friends,

 On the white board in my church office I recently printed this quote: "God is in no particular hurry to get us to the Promised is about the journey with Him." Especially in these beautiful summer days I invite you to take some porch time (or patio or deck or yard) to consider the power of the overwhelming love and grace of God in Jesus Christ who calls each one of us to live out our call in Him.

That infinite grace allows us to give love and compassion to others and to ourselves. Days fly by - even the days of summer - and each one is a time to get in touch once again with the people we were called and created to be as individuals and as a community of faith. Remember, if you are whom God calls you to be, you will set the world on fire!

PRAYER QUOTE: O God of such truth as sweeps away all lies, of such grace as shrivels all excuses, come now to find us for we have lost our selves in a shuffle of disguises and the rattle of empty words. Let your Spirit move mercifully to recreate us from the chaos of our lives. We have been careless of our days, our loves, our gifts, our chances... Our prayer is to change, O God, not out of despair of self but for love of You, and for the selves we long to become before we simply waste away. Let your mercy move in and through us now. Amen.

May summer be a special time to sit with God and renew His Presence and His call in your life.

Still in one peace,

Pastor Elaine